This article throws light upon the three principles of advertising process. The principles are: 1. Memory & Law of Repetition 2. Remembering and the Law of Primacy 3. Memory and Law of Recency

Principle # 1. Memory & Law of Repetition :

It mean that more times the message is being repeated, the changes of being remembered increases. Fig. 12.9 shows how the remembrance level reduces as the time passes.

In case of message 1, the remembrance reduced to approx. 60% after 1 ½ day and in case of message 2, the remembrance reduced to 38% after 1 day. That is why it is said that the repetition increase remembrance and advertisers frequently repeat their ads to increase the level of remembrance.

Learning Efficiency

A recent study of repeating advertisements produced some interesting and important findings.


The summary of these findings are:

1. Advertisements, when repeated, were seen and read by at least an equal number of readers who did not remember having seen the advertisements before.

2. As the time interval between the repeated appearances of an advertisement increased, the number of readers who recalled having seen it before decreased, to the point an advertisement in a monthly publication repeated at four or five month intervals was only about as effective as it had been on the original insertion.


3. For a weekly magazine, an interval of four weeks, erased from the minds of most readers, may recollect that they had seen the advertisement before.

4. The conclusion was that repeated advertisements can meet a real need, especially where production costs constitute a significant proportion of total advertising costs. The results of the study indicated that a goal advertisement does not lose in the number of persons noting or reading it carefully if it is repeated after a sufficient interval has elapsed.

Principle # 2. Remembering of the Law of Primacy:

The law of primacy states that in general those ideas and words which have been established first in the minds of the reader or listener have an advantage over all subsequent ideas. It has been seen that in case of recall test usually show that the advertisements appearing in the first few pages of the magazines are the advertisements which readers recall most easily and most often.

This advantage of being first may be overcome partly by repetition and attention devices or by unusual copy. But there is no doubt that the first advertisement viewed has a distinct advantage in later recall.

Principle # 3. Memory & Law of Recency:


The law states that the advertisement which the reader or viewer has seen most recently tends to be recalled more readily than an earlier advertisement. For example, there are three advertisement of different brands of tooth paste in TV commercial 8 pm to 8.30 pm slot. The law says that we will tend to remember best that tooth paste brand whose advertisement we have seen last.