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Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchising

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of franchising. Some of the advantages of franchising are: 1. An Established Product or Service 2. Formal Training 3. Financial Assistance 4. Marketing and Management Benefits 5. Quality Control Standards 6. Less Operating Capital Requirement 7. Opportunities for Growth. Some of the disadvantages of franchising are:- 1. Failed Expectations 2. Cost of a Franchise [...]

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Characteristics of Service Marketing

Services typically have several distinctive characteristics or features from goods retailing. These are intangibility, perishability, inconsistency, fluctuation and consumer dependent. A service is anything which can be offered to the customers in order to satisfy their need, wants and desire and intangible, inseparable, variable and perishable in nature. In India, service jobs now account for 70 per cent of all [...]

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Types of Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategies can be studied under the following heads: 1. Competitive Marketing Strategies 2. Market Challenger Strategies 3. Market Follower Strategies. Some of the most popular and effective types of marketing strategies often employed are: 1. Affinity Marketing 2. Alliance Marketing 3. Ambush Marketing 4. Call to Action (CTA) Marketing 5. Close Range Marketing 6. Cloud Marketing 7. Community [...]

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