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Types of Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategies can be studied under the following heads: 1. Competitive Marketing Strategies 2. Market Challenger Strategies 3. Market Follower Strategies. Some of the most popular and effective types of marketing strategies often employed are: 1. Affinity Marketing 2. Alliance Marketing 3. Ambush Marketing 4. Call to Action (CTA) Marketing 5. Close Range Marketing 6. Cloud Marketing 7. Community [...]

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Product Life Cycle Marketing Strategies

Everything you need to know about the product life cycle marketing strategies. A marketing manager has to use different strategies at different stages of the PLC to promote the product and achieve the set objectives. The product strategies are designed and implemented on the basis of product categories, the external marketing environment and market share of the product. The product [...]

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Successful Corporate Marketing Strategies in India (with Case Studies)

Learn about the corporate marketing strategies adopted in India by: 1. Asian Paints 2. Cavinkare 3. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd 4. Micromax 5. Nirma Chemicals Limited 6. Tata Motors. Successful Marketing Strategies Examples Marketing Strategy Example # 1. Asian Paints: The success of Asian Paints is primarily due to its excellent marketing strategies. The company introduced small packs of paints [...]

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