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Consumer Perception

Consumer perception is defined as a process by which consumers sense a marketing stimulus, and organize, interpret, and provide meaning to it. The marketing stimuli may be anything related to the product and/or brand, and any of the elements of the marketing mix. Learn about: 1. Meaning and Definition of Consumer Perception 2. Nature and Characteristics of Consumer Perception 3. [...]

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Brand Extension

Learn about: 1. Introduction to Brand Extension 2. Meaning of Brand Extension 3. Types 4. Approaches 5. Hierarchy 6. Bases 7. Strategic Framework 8. Factors Influencing 9. Why Companies opt Brand Extension 10. Advantages, Disadvantages and Future 11. Guidelines. Brand Extension: Introduction, Meaning, Types, Examples, Advantages, Disadvantages, Approaches, Factors, Guidelines and More… Brand Extension – Introduction Brand extension is a [...]

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Marketing Environment

Marketing environment is the set of all such factors outside the marketing that have an influence on the company's marketing and some of them are also influenced by the company's marketing. The marketing environment of a company comprises both actors and forces outside marketing that affect marketer's ability to develop and maintain successful transactions with its target customers. Marketing environment [...]

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