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Characteristics of Service Marketing

Services typically have several distinctive characteristics or features from goods retailing. These are intangibility, perishability, inconsistency, fluctuation and consumer dependent. A service is anything which can be offered to the customers in order to satisfy their need, wants and desire and intangible, inseparable, variable and perishable in nature. In India, service jobs now account for 70 per cent of all [...]

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GAP Model of Service Quality

The "GAP" model of service quality was given by Parasuraman et al, V.A. Zeithaml et. al and Leonard L.Berry. The model explains an integrated view of the consumer-company relationship. It is also an extension of the Gronroos model and talks about the perception gap. The model is essentially based on service quality delivery gaps or deficiencies within the organization that [...]

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Service Quality

Service quality is generally viewed as the output of the service delivery system, especially in the case of pure service systems. Moreover, service quality is linked to consumer satisfaction. Service quality is a perception of the customer. Customers, however, form opinions about service quality not just from a single reference but from a host of contributing factors. Learn about:- 1. [...]

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