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Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchising

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of franchising. Some of the advantages of franchising are: 1. An Established Product or Service 2. Formal Training 3. Financial Assistance 4. Marketing and Management Benefits 5. Quality Control Standards 6. Less Operating Capital Requirement 7. Opportunities for Growth. Some of the disadvantages of franchising are:- 1. Failed Expectations 2. Cost of a Franchise [...]

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Types of Distribution Channel

The flow of goods from the producer to the ultimate consumer may take place through different types of distribution channels. The structure of distribution channel describes the arrangement and linkages of its members. The marketing experts have described different types of distribution channels for consumer and industrial products. The types of distribution channel can be studied under the following heads:- [...]

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Types of Wholesalers

Everything you need to know about the types of wholesalers. The wholesalers can have different forms depending upon the volume of business, number of products/services dealt with, etc. the wholesalers have the ability to influence the producers and the retailers. If the wholesalers are large, their businesses are important and they can put more pressure on the producers and the [...]

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