After reading this article you will learn about the communication process of marketers with the customers through media, explained with the help of suitable diagrams.

In communication there is transmission of message from sender to the receiver. The end result of the communication process is the understanding of the message. The Message is transmitted through Media or certain channels.

1. Response of a Message is feed back

2. The Message is also distorted by Noise element


The Message should accomplish three tasks in order to be effective:

(a) It must gain the attention of the receiver

(b) It must be understood

(c) It must stimulate the need of the receiver and suggest appropriate methods to satisfy these needs.


The overlapping of field of experience and frame of reference makes (Fig. 2.3) the communication possible. It means that the sender and the receiver should have the same frame of mind to send and to receive, otherwise the communication will block or filter.

To make the communication effective, the marketers communicate to different target audience through different media. The advertisement of a product or service is presented in different media and with the different message wording (essence is normally the same) to make customer understand about the product/service and to develop common frame of reference and field of experience.

Communication Marketing View

Fig. 2.4 attempts to show all the intricacies of the mass communication situation. There are multiple communicators, each transmitting a number of different types of messages. People are affected or influenced differently in different segments.


Some people are affected by the two step flow (the double lines). And the feed back is not direct as it was in the two person situation shown in Fig. 2.2 instead, in Fig. 2.4 there is either artificial feed back in the form of communication research (e.g., surveys to determine what proportion of people in key segments are aware of advertising) or natural feed back in the form of action related to the campaign (e.g., sales figures after the campaign starts.)

Communication Process

Mass-Marketing Communication