Six Factors for Selecting a Good media for Advertising Your Products are: 1. Selectivity 2. Flexibility 3. Cost 4. Editorial Environment 5. Coverage of the Media 6. Permanence!

1. Selectivity:

It refers to the ability of the selected medium to reach the class of prospective customers.


For example, if the target customer is a computer professional, advertisement given in a computer magazine and/or internet would be more appropriate.

2. Flexibility:

It means the ease and speed with which an advertisement can be modified or replaced. For example, changes in print media or cable channel are less expensive and easier than those in Star Plus, Zee News or Aaj Tak etc.

3. Cost:

It refers to charges paid expected for buying a certain amount of space, slot or time. A comparison of the cost and benefits will help in deciding the suitable media for advertising. For example, there is huge difference in the prices charged by a local news channel and a leading news channel like Aaj Tak.

4. Editorial Environment:

It represents the nature of the information or message to be delivered through an advertisement. For example, information regarding new research and development in medicines and drugs should be given in a pharmaceutical magazine or a leading news channel and development in children’s toys should be given in children’s magazines or cartoon channel etc.

5. Coverage of the Media:


It refers to the number of people covered through an advertisement. If the target customers are confined to small areas, local newspapers and local radio channels should be preferred. If the potential customers are widely spread, advertisement through print or audio visual media at national level would be more effective.

For example, advertisement related to a product which is used for the crops of sugar can be beneficial if it is given in a particular area of Uttar Pradesh but advertisement related to a product, which is used for all agricultural products, will be beneficial if it is given in national news channel like Doordarshan.

6. Permanence:

Durability of media is an important factor. For example, advertisement in magazines and journals is more durable or long lasting as compared to a one time advertisement given in Television.