After reading this article you will learn about the meaning and importance of labour welfare.

Meaning of Labour Welfare:

Labour welfare means the voluntary efforts made by the employer to provide better conditions of employment in their own industries. Its main object is to secure an improved standard of living for the workers, which effects on the worker’s psychology and results in an increase in their productive efficiencies.

Labour welfare improves physical, mental and moral conditions of worker. Labour welfare includes housing, medical, educational, rest rooms, recreation, canteen, games and sports club facilities, adequate wages, reasonable working hours, insurance etc.

By providing these facilities to the workers, efficiency increases considerably. These facili­ties create confidence in the worker; he feels happy and thus takes more interest in the work.


It also provides goodwill and the relation between worker and employer becomes good, which reduces indiscipline and helps to maintain industrial peace. When worker has full facilities, he will be free from worries and will therefore work in the factory with full efforts and interest.

Insurance facility and good working conditions create atmosphere of security and feeling of insecurity is removed from the mind of the worker and thus he takes more interest in his work. In present days workers are very much worried due to their housing problems, inadequate wages and expensive education.

If these problems are removed then a major part of worries of the workers will be removed and if his cultural uplift by providing recreation facilities and adding cultural and social activities are looked after, then worker will work with full heartedness and more interest devoting more physical and mental efforts.

Importance of Labour Welfare:

1. It improves the moral and mental conditions of the workers by providing facilities like games, cultural activities and recreation etc.


2. By providing facilities workers have more confidence in their employer, which leads to improve industrial peace.

3. When workers are promoted in a systematic way and they are heard properly then they feel and realize their duties towards enterprise.

4. By providing all these facilities, workers feel happy and become enthusiastic. Thus worker starts taking much interest in his work, which leads to greater efficiency.

5. Noise and vibrations caused by the machines, fumes and dust, hotness, too much wetness and lack of air ventilation are the main factors which affect the health of the worker seriously. Therefore periodical check-up and medical-facility help to maintain the health of the workers and save the worker from harmful effects. Thus when worker remains healthy, he will naturally work hard.