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Industrial Sickness

The sick industrial companies (special provision) act 1985, defined sickness in terms of "cash losses for two consecutive financial years and accumulated loses equaling or exceeding the net worth of the company at the end of the second financial year". The problem of industrial sickness is nothing peculiar to our economy or any developing coun­try. It is also present in [...]

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Employee Health and Safety

Employee Health is the state of well-being. It not only includes physical well-being, but also mental and emotional well-being. It is the responsibility of every employer to provide healthy work environment to his employees. If he is careful about their health, cost of disability payments, replace­ment of employees who are injured or killed could be avoided. Through employee safety and [...]

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Wage Board

The wage boards are tripartite in character having representatives of workers, employers, and independent members participate and finalize the recommendations. The utility of such boards in the present context is debatable. A wage board is a statutory body established by the government to tackle the disputes relating to the employers or the employees. A Wage Board is a tripartite body [...]

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