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Employee Involvement

Employee involvement is regarded as the powerful behavioural tool for managing the industrial relations system. This is being viewed differently by different people. It is a joint consultation prior to decision making. The management experts look upon it as a tool for improving the overall performance of an enterprise. For them it means that employees are given an opportunity to [...]

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Employee Assistance Programme

An employee assistance programme is an arrangement for employee benefit provide counselling, referrals, advice and suggestion to solve the stressful issues and cost is borne by the organisation. The services are provided free of costs or partly. These may include the problems of personal, health, family, marital relationship, and substance abuse. The employee assistance programme (EAP) is both an educational [...]

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Employee Monitoring

Monitoring of employees is very essential processes in an organisation for overall improvement in the performance management process. Usually management at the top, plans for performance management system in the organisation and the employees working under them are required to execute the plan. Learn about:- 1. Introduction to Monitoring Employees 2. Benefits of Monitoring Employees 3. Objectives 4. Principles 5. [...]

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