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Wages Meaning

Wages means the payment that is made by an employer to his workers or employees as remuneration of their work that they have rendered for the employer. This remuneration may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Thus, wage means any monetary amount given by an employer to his employees for their services. Yoder and Heneman, "Wages are the compensation of wage [...]

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Wage Board

The wage boards are tripartite in character having representatives of workers, employers, and independent members participate and finalize the recommendations. The utility of such boards in the present context is debatable. A wage board is a statutory body established by the government to tackle the disputes relating to the employers or the employees. A Wage Board is a tripartite body [...]

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Concept of Wages (with Minimum Wages Calculation)

Everything you need to know about the the concept of wages in HRM (with minimum wages calculation). Wages may be used to describe one of the several concepts, including wage rates, straight time average hourly earnings, gross average hourly earnings, weekly earnings, weekly take home pay and annual earnings. Money paid to the workers is considered as wages. The wage [...]

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