After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Division of Labour 2. Advantages of Division of Labour 3. Disadvantages.

Meaning of Division of Labour:

It means division of work into different part or processes which are performed by one or group of workers according to their ability and aptitude. A good example of division of labour is found in mass scale production factory, where workers are classified according to the nature of work performed by them, e.g. Foreman, Chargeman, Technician, Electrician etc.

Division of labour is of four kinds:

(i) When there is complete division of jobs among differ­ent members of a community, it is called simple division of labour,


(ii) When the work is divided into a number of processes in such a way that each worker does one process only, it is called complex division of labour,

(iii) When due to one reason or the other a particular area specialises in a type of labour, we call it territorial division of labour,

(iv) When different countries produce things of their specialisation, we call it as international division of labour.

Advantages of Division of Labour:

1. Each worker specialises in a particular type of work, therefore, efficiency increases.


2. Since each worker performs the same work again and again, therefore, there is im­provement in skill.

3. It results in greater production.

4. It becomes possible to do work quickly and efficiently without putting much strain on workers and industry.

5. Intelligent persons can make inventions in their field of specialisation.


6. Division of labour at international level has made international trade possible.

7. Increased production through division of labour increases national wealth.

Disadvantages of Division of Labour:

1. Since a worker is required to do the same work again and again, hence he becomes dull.

2. It divides the responsibility for which there are more chances of shifting.


3. It hinders the mobility of labour.

4. If operations in one department are stopped, then whole of the industry suffers.