There are several things you can do to bring down your CRM costs will still providing superlative customer service: 1. Organize your Customer Data2. Have a Simple Way to Add Customer Information 3. Don’t Assume that Personalized is Better.

1. Organize your Customer Data:

The most important part of any CRM plan is to understand who your customers are and be able to reach those customers easily. The easiest way to do this is by consolidating your databases, updating them, and ensuring that any missing links or any redundant files are corrected.

There are many inexpensive solutions for doing this, including Relenta CRM, which offers a powerful way to not only organize your customer data but also link it to customer e-mails and company departments.

2. Have a Simple Way to Add Customer Information:


Customer data changes frequently, and sometimes one member of your staff will be privy to information about a customer that other staff members are not privy to. Make sure that your team members understand which information is important to collect from customers, and have a central way of adding new customer information as it comes up. Relenta CRM is a simple system for ensuring that information is added quickly and simply.

Anyone who is part of a specific department can add contact information and can alter information related to a specific customer. Everyone then is privy to this new information, so that customers do not have a frustrating experience of having to change their phone number several times with various company representatives.

3. Don’t Assume that Personalized is Better:

A very flexible system that allows you to customize the system yourself is often not only more effective than a customized strategy, it is also far less expensive. Relenta CRM costs a fraction of the cost of most CRM systems purchased from vendors who wish to specialize your system to your company, but Relenta CRM is just as powerful as many of these top-notch programs. Relenta CRM allows you to combine five different software programs for one complete CRM solution, and allows you to customize the system so that it can really grow with your company.

The CRM Budget Planner takes all the main concepts of Budget Planning and Allocation and delivers a pragmatic and highly effective management tool which is installed on top of the Sage CRM platform. It is completely integrated into Sage CRM so that all the benefits of CRM including designs of user interface, searching, reporting and document management.


Manage income and expenditure throughout organization with Sage CRM.

CRM Budget Planner will help you:

1. Monitor costs

2. Increase communications


3. Delegate Responsibility

4. Manage Forecast

5. Increase visibility on spend

6. Create reports


7. Utilise the power of Sage CRM

CRM Budget Planner Features include:

1. Margin and Graph Calculations

2. Edit Budget Summary


3. Budget line items

4. Budget line item Summary

5. Editing Income and Expenditure Line Items

6. Adding an Income and Expense line item


7. Expenditure Requests

8. Approval of Expenditure Requests