This article throws light upon the seven main steps involved in the selection procedure of candidates. The steps are: 1. Clear Job Specification 2. Technical Search 3. Personality Search 4. Pre-Interview 5. Debriefs 6. Post Selection Reference Checks 7. Closure and Joining.

Selection: Step # 1. Clear Job Specification:

Consultants must understand the essence of the job that they are recruiting for—they must know the essentials of the role, and why they are essential requirements.

In addition, consultants need to understand the desirable requirements and the reasons why these points are desirables and not essentials. It is also very important for the consultant to understand the salary and the seniority levels for the job to ensure proper mapping.

Selection: Step # 2. Technical Search:

Consultants are encouraged to start their database search initially by doing a ‘skills’ search, matching the candidate’s technical skills to the essential requirements. This should then provide a short-list of potential candidates.


If a suitable candidate is not found on the database, consultants will start a primary search/head-hunting process. Secondary sources such as job-boards and advertisements are also used on a case to case basis.

Selection: Step # 3. Personality Search:

Having made a short-list of potential candidates (this list can be any number from four to twenty), each candidate will be spoken to and assessed to make sure that their personality Fits the company culture and environment.

Once these competencies have been satisfied, consultants will forward the final selection of appropriate candidates— normally between three and five people. Candidates are all definitely personally met with for all senior management and non-technical roles (such as sales, marketing).

Selection: Step # 4. Pre-Interview:

Once the client has chosen to interview some, if not all of the candidates that have been recommended, each candidate will be requested to do their own research on the client.


In addition, for most in-station candidates we will invite them in for a meeting prior to their interview, in order to give them some tips and pointers in areas where we feel they need improving. We will also give them a copy of the job brief and the CV that was sent to the client.

Selection: Step # 5. Debriefs:

The candidates are kept upto-date with all developments, and interview feedback is passed both ways, to ensure that there are no surprises in the event of an offer being made.

Selection: Step # 6. Post Selection Reference Checks:

We will conduct reference checks for the selected candidates if this is required.

Selection: Step # 7. Closure and Joining:

We will work with you to ensure that the offer that is extended by you is successfully closed with the candidate on mutually agreeable terms. We will advise you throughout the process on the salary expectations and any other expectation of the candidate and ensure they are in line with your company policies. We will keep a close monitoring on the candidate post-selection to ensure he joins as committed.