This article throws light upon the eight main steps to be followed for selecting candidates. The steps are: 1. Preliminary Interview or Reception of Applicants 2. Filling of Blank Application 3. Interview 4. Psychological Tests 5. Ultimate Acceptance of the Chief of the Department 6. Medical Examination 7. Calling for References 8. Appointments.

Step # 1. Preliminary Interview or Reception of Applicants:

This is the first stage of selection for a candidate. This kind of interview is done by appointment officers. Here, applicant is told about work, wages and conditions of work and all information about the company in little time. The officer gets the knowledge about the candidate’s educational qualifications, experience, efficiency, interest in work and other necessary things.

Step # 2. Filling of Blank Application:

Those who are declared successful in the preliminary interview are asked to fill in the application form with the understated explanations:

(a) Knowledge About Life:


Name, father’s name, place and date of birth, age, sex, citizenship, physical measurements any recognizing mark, married or single and other family description.

(b) Educational Description:

Education, technical knowledge training, experience, if any.

(c) Experience of Work:


Experience of work done in past, name of post, nature of work, working period, salary, grade and reason for leaving, name and address of former employer.

(d) Salary and other facilities expected.

(e) Personal Interest:

Membership of the union, extra-curricular activities, interest in sports, etc.


(f) Other Details:

References and other information of institution desire.

Step # 3. Interview:

Here, selector and the candidate sit before each other. Selector comes to know specialties of the candidate. And intimation given in the application form is checked and explained. On the other hand, applicant tries to get the necessary information about the concern. Interviewer tries to get the information not given in the application form.

Step # 4. Psychological Tests:

This is also an important part of selection process.


Some specialties that could not be known from the analysis of the application form, they are better know from the psychological tests, which are as follows:

(i) Intelligence Test:

This test tests the logical power, thinking and grasping power of the candidate.

(ii) Attitude Test:


This method is thought to be right for the selection of clerical, mechanical and artistic works.

(iii) Interest Test:

This type of test is done with the object of knowing his interest for a particular work. This test is useful for the vocational guidance.

(iv) Personality Test:


This type of test includes candidate’s social and family life, his nature, capability to control sentiments, mental balance, self- reliance, character, interest. This is useful for the sale, supervision, and management.

(v) Achievement Test:

This type of test is done after the special training that how much work he has learnt.

Step # 5. Ultimate Acceptance of the Chief of the Department:

After the candidate succeeds interview and psychological tests he is sent to the departmental head for acceptance. The departmental head looks for his physical and mental abilities for the work allotted.

Step # 6. Medical Examination:


After the departmental head’s acceptance, candidate is to go through medical tests by which it is known if he is fit for work or not.

Step # 7. Calling for References:

In the application form some references are asked for from the candidate. When the person is selected after medical test, he is enquired from the references.

Step # 8. Appointments:

The candidates declared successful are informed of their appointment through the appointment-letter wherein all necessary terms and conditions of service, payment, pay grade and reporting date for work is given.