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Internal Marketing

Internal marketing is an on-going process that occurs strictly within a company or organisation whereby the functional process is to align, motivate and empower employees at all management levels to consistently deliver a satisfying customer experience. It acts as marketing strategy where the employees themselves are customers and they are termed as internal customers. It is used as a philosophy [...]

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Employee Selection Process

The basic purpose of the employee selection process is choosing right type of candidates to match various positions in the organization. In order to achieve this purpose, a well-organized selection procedure is requited. Each step in the selection procedure should provide more and more information about the candidate. This selection procedure differs from organization to organization. In some cases selection [...]

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Meaning of Communication

Everything you need to know about the meaning of communication. Communication is an integral part of human existence. It is communication that contributes to success or otherwise of every human activity. Communication is a process through which an information idea or opinion is transferred to more number of persons. If information is communicated to only one person, it will also [...]

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