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Theory X and Theory Y

Everything you need to know about Theory X and Theory Y of motivation. Prof. Douglas McGregor proposed theory X and theory Y. Theory X is related to traditional approach about people and theory Y is related to modern approach about people. Theory X is somehow related to concept of scientific management, which advocates that people dislike the work and they [...]

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Change Management

Everything you need to know about change management. Change management is the effective process of a business change such that executive leaders, managers, and frontline employees work in consonance to successfully implement the technology or organisational changes. Every organisation in the recent time is facing the pressure for change may be due to globalisation, government initiatives, or any other reason [...]

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HR Audit Process

Everything you need to know about human resource (HR) audit process. Human Resource Audit is the critical analysis of the existing human resource within the organization. To be able to do that, the audit have to be served with the data that is quantitative, qualitative, as well as comprehensive. In other words, the success of this stage of human resource [...]

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