After reading this article you will learn about the role and responsibility of personnel manager.

Role of the Personnel Manager:

Personnel manager plays following roles in most of the modern enterprises:

1. Consultant:

Frequent visits are paid by the employees with their problems, misunderstandings about their employees etc. to the personnel manager. He gives them proper suggestions and provides consultancy advice. These help in removing their misapprehensions, misgivings and misunderstanding.


2. Conscience Keeper:

Personnel manager helps the management of his enterprise in understanding their ethical, ecological, environmental and moral obligations to their employees in particular and the government and society in general.

3. Spokesman of the Enterprise:

Personnel manager knows all about the internal matters of the enterprise, therefore, he is in a position to work as the spokesman of the enterprise or its representatives.


4. Liaison Man:

Personnel manager works as liaison between an individual and the group as well as between the employees and the management. This provides a constant channel of communication between individuals and groups, between employees and management and between trade unions and the management. This leads to a peaceful atmosphere for the enterprise.

5. Change Agent:

Personnel manager advises and convinces the top management about the possibility of the existing organisation’s structure becoming obsolete. He makes suggestions for organisation development programmes and related matters.


6. Problem Solver:

Personnel manager takes initiative in making necessary long range organisational planning for avoiding problems relating to the management of human resources.

7. General Nature:

Various problems which relate to one or other departments of the enterprise but escape the attention of the concerned line managers are located by the personnel manager. This helps such managers to detect in time such problems and solve them.

Responsibilities of Personnel Manager:


Pigors and Myres have suggested the following responsibilities of personnel manager.

1. To advise and counsel line managers in formulation and administering policies relating to personnel.

2. To analyse and ascertain the organisational health of the organisation with the help of records of productive efficiency, absenteeism, labour turnover, accidents, internal mobility and complaints and grievances.

3. To provide personnel procedures and services which are helpful to line managers in effective utilisation of human efforts.


4. To secure co-ordination of all these activities which are relevant to the efficient recruitment of employees in the organisation.

5. To ensure uniform and consistent administration of personnel policies.

6. To ensure that employer observes the provisions of the Act relating to labour welfare.

7. To maintain harmonious relations between labour and management.


8. To interpret workers problems to the management.