After reading this article you will learn about the roles and qualities of personnel manager.

Roles of Personnel Manager:

1. As a specialist:

To advise other functional heads on various aspects of HRM.

2. As an Information Source:


To provide valuable information about labour market, labour laws and other related areas.

3. As a Charge Agent:

To initiate and spearhead necessary improvements in human resource practices.

4. As a Controller:


To monitor and control implementation of human resource policies and programmes.

5. As a Liaison Man:

To act as a linking pin between different departments of the organisation.

6. As a Housekeeper:


To look after safety, health, welfare etc. of employees.

7. As a Fire-Fighter:

To act as a management’s defence against trade union activities. In such cases he is required to act as a trouble shooter.

Human Resource Management Components

Qualities of a Personnel Manager:

1. Educational Qualifications.


2. Personnel Attributes.

(i) Intelligence.

(ii) Communicative ability.


(iii) Decisiveness.

(iv) Human skills.

(v) Teaching skill.

(vi) Executing skills.


(vii) Leadership skills.

3. Training and Experience.

4. Professional Attitudes.