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Compensation refers to all forms of financial returns and tangible benefits that employees receive as part of an employment relationship. Beyond this pure economic exchange model, compensation may also be viewed as (a) a system of rewards that motivates employees to perform; (b) a critical communication device through which organisations convey and reinforce the values, culture, and the behaviours they [...]

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Principles of Job Evaluation

Everything you need to know about the principles of job evaluation. Job Evaluation is the rating of different jobs in an organisation in objective and scientific manner to ascertain the relative worth or importance of each job. Job Evaluation arranges the jobs in order of im­portance or payment. It refers to rating of different jobs but not to the rating [...]

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Job Evaluation Meaning

Everything you need to know about the meaning of job evaluation. A job is created when accumulated tasks or work justify the employment of an individual or a group of individuals for accomplishing the task or purpose. Job evaluation is a systematic method of appraising the value of each job in relation to other jobs in the organisation. It provides [...]

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