There are three levels of management. So, different types of skills are required for each level of management.

An effective manager generally makes use of the following skills:

1. Technical Skill:

Technical skill is kind of knowledge which involves the use of equipments, techniques and procedures for the accomplishment of specific tasks. It requires specialised knowledge and proficiency in the area of the job. Thus, technical skill is the ability to work in a specified area.

2. Human Skill:


Human skill refers to the ability to work effectively with other people as an individual and as member of the team. A manager has to get the things done through other people and hence he must have human skills or ability to select, motivate, guide, lead, direct and control people.

3. Conceptual Skill:

Conceptual skill is the ability to integrate and coordinate various activities. A manager needs to have the qualities or skills so as to able to view situations and co-ordinate various factors. To take rational decisions, such a competence is necessary.

4. Decision-making Skills:

Management is the art of decision-making. At all levels, managers have to take certain decisions. To be a successful manager, one must have ability to analyse and examine a problem and also the ability to work out a practical solution for the problem.

‘Conceptual skill deals with ideas, while human skill concerns people and technical skill is with things.’—Keith Davis


Though, these skills are inter-related but their relative significance varies according to the level of management. The following figure clearly depicts the importance of each kind of skill at different levels of management.