Ten essential qualities of a Human Resource Manager are as follows:

The personnel manager must have initiative, resourcefulness, depth of perception, maturity in judgment and analytical ability. He must possess intellectual integrity so that he can be unbiased and objective towards the problems of both the management and the employees.

He must leave a thorough knowledge of human psychology so that he can better judge and anticipate the employee behaviour and also motivate and get the work done from them.


The other qualities that a HR manager must possess can be summarized as under:

a. He should have an excellent communication skill.

b. He should have the mental ability and tact in dealing with people intelligently.

c. He should have a good moral sense to discriminate between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, ‘just’ and ‘unjust’.


d. He should have the ability to execute the management decision with utmost accuracy within a short span of time.

e. He should possess leadership qualities, to take initiatives and guide employees towards achieving the set goals.

f. He should be patient and understanding.

g. He should be a good listener.


h. He must be guided by sympathetic attitude towards employees’ demand. He must be tempered with consideration for others.

i. It is desirable that the HR managers have a social outlook and contribute towards the betterment of quality of life of the employees.

j. He must be confident to face the adverse situation with courage.