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Coordination is a continuous process for achieving unity of purpose in the organisation. It leads to blending the activities of different individuals and groups for the achievement of certain objectives. Learn about:- 1. Introduction to Coordination 2. Definitions of Coordination 3. Features 4. Need 5. Objectives 6. Principles 7. Essence of Coordination in Management 8. Types 9. Techniques 10. Importance [...]

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Bases of Departmentation

Everything you need to know about the bases of departmentation. Departmentation or departmentalization refers to (a) Dividing the total effort into operating tasks (production, sales, finance, personnel, etc.); (b) Grouping of tasks into functions, activities or jobs to be performed by individuals or groups of individuals; (c) Combining functions, sub-functions into effi­cient work groups; and (d) Combining work-groups into departments. [...]

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Authority, Responsibility and Accountability in Management

Everything you need to know about the authority, responsibility, accountability in management. Authority - 'Authority' means 'Legal or rightful power, a right to command or to act'. Applied to the managerial jobs, the power of the superior to command the subordinate to act or not to act in a particular manner, is called the 'authority'. Responsibility - It is an [...]

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