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Difference between Entrepreneur and Manager

Everything you need to know about the difference between entrepreneur and manager. Entrepreneurs are known for their innovative ideas and creative skills. They are the people who create something from nothing. Professional management, of course, is characterized by concepts such as - orders, procedures, rules and regulations meant to put activities on track. Entrepreneurial management is noted for its ability [...]

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Functions of a Manager

In this article we will learn about the various Functions of a Manager, their Roles, Responsibilities and Duties. Functions of a Manager Roles of a Manager Informational Roles of Manager Responsibilities of a Manager Duties and Responsibilities of Sales Manager: Functions of HR Managers Functions of a Materials Managers Answer 1. Functions of a Manager: The manager of the modern [...]

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Role of Managers in an Organisation | Management

Management is a creative process as it involves integrating, the use of resources to accomplish predetermined objectives. So every manager is concerned with ideas, things and people. They provide the vital inputs which are transformed as output in tune with predetermined objectives. Management of ideas implies the use of conceptual skills. This has three connotations. First it refers to the [...]

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