Using marketing automation software, reps can post ready for review materials to the library and tag them with descriptive notes. Reviewers can then read and edit the material online from anywhere in the world, any time of day. Approvals are given via an integrated feedback facility that records the approval in the library and routes a message to the author.

Comments and changes are also entered into the library and routed as appropriate. The author makes desired changes, and then “promotes” the approved material into the library with a label identifying the final version. The traceability, asset control, and accessibility features of a marketing library eliminate the productivity drain for small teams, and become even more important as departments increase in scope and size.

Marketing automation software is a suite of applications that provides a framework for automating the entire marketing process, from workflow to applications to analytic tools. It saves considerable time and money for both the client and your organization, eliminates the mistakes and legibility problems of faxes, and provides a traceable record of all approvals.

Using a series of technology modules, this sophisticated software can take highly outsourced, leveraged functions that have a strong component of spontaneity and involve multiple departments, companies, processes and various types of software —and pull it all together in one, unifying framework. Marketing data and processes are integrated into a single package. The creation, management, execution and tracking of marketing functions are streamlined, and companies improve their yield, not to mention their marketing ROI.


Some of the functions provided by marketing automation software include:

a. Analytics and data mining

b. Marketing campaign management


c. Sales force automation and lead management

d. Customer information management and data warehousing

e. Back-office integration, and

f. Marketing productivity analysis.


Our marketing automation software’s unique design helps you manage your relationships with past, present and future clients, consultants, contractors, and even competitors, to ensure that no opportunity for acquiring a new project is overlooked. You will be able to maintain comprehensive project data by storing all relevant information on the firms for whom you have performed projects and offered products and services, and categorize each in multiple ways, in order to quickly tailor your experience to suit the specific needs of clients and prospects.

Marketing automation software is a powerful tool that can help you become more efficient, conduct successful marketing campaigns, reach the most profitable customers, build long-lasting relationships, better understand product and market dynamics, and measure the productivity of your marketing operations. Specializing in the analysis of marketing strategy and organizations in line with industry’s best practices, we assist clients in selecting and implementing marketing automation software that’s right for their business.

We understand that marketing your services is a complex and time-consuming process. It takes perseverance and expertise to identify and land projects that are a good fit for your company. Marketing automation software can help you build enduring client relationships that lead to repeat business, pursue opportunities to assure you get your foot in the door, and automate the preparation of proposals with real-time information about your company’s experience, references, awards and accomplishments—helping you better target your marketing efforts and land new projects. Marketing automation software not only gives companies quick returns on their investment, but also allows them to make better use of existing customer information.

The key benefits of marketing automation software include:


1. Increased productivity:

With marketing automation software, marketing staff can eliminate the tedious, cumbersome, and repetitive tasks often associated with campaign planning and execution and launch programs faster and more efficiently.

2. Reduced costs:

By minimizing the waste and redundancy caused by manual campaign execution, marketing automation software can significantly cut expenses. Additionally, marketing automation software gives companies in-depth insight into campaign effectiveness, so they can abandon unsuccessful initiatives before they drain financial resources.


3. Enhanced flexibility:

Marketing automation software makes marketing teams more agile, so they can react instantly to changing marketplace conditions and shifting communication strategies.

4. Advanced intelligence:

The kind of intelligence-driven planning and execution required to maximize response and conversion rates is made possible by marketing automation software. It provides timely, valuable information that can be analyzed to determine what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly, why. As a result, it enables better, more informed decision making regarding future campaign plans.


5. Improved personalization:

With marketing automation software, marketing teams have the tools they need to launch initiatives based on the specific needs and wants of a target audience, so content is more targeted and more relevant. And, studies show that the use of personalization can boost response and conversion rates, shorten sales cycles, and increase return on marketing investment.