The upcoming discussion will update you about the difference between selling and marketing.

Difference between Selling and Marketing


1. Selling is an activity designed to meet the seller’s need.

2. It attends to cane aspect only – sales and distribution of goods already produced.

3. The product is the main item in this activity.


4. Selling concentrates on the sales volume and makes efforts to increase it for the purpose of earning profits.

5. It is concerned only with the physical transfer of goods from seller to the buyer and inclu­des activities relating thereto.

6. Selling is an approach to derive and attain short-term goals.

7. It is an activity that converts the goods into cash.


8. Selling ends with the delivery of goods against money.


1. Marketing is a function with the obj­ect of satisfying the consu­mers needs and expectations.

2. It attends to both aspects of selling of goods and production of goods according to consu­mers’ needs.

3. The consumer and his choices are given prime considerations in this function.


4. Marketing concentrates on the quality of products as needed by the consumers far satisfaction which ultimately leads to higher sales volume.

5. It starts with the idea of producing a product as per the customer’s order or choice and aids with the services even after sales.

6. Marketing represents an integrated approach to achieve long-term goals.

7. It is a function that converts the consumer needs into pro­ducts.


8. Marketing is the creation and delivery of a standard of living to society.

The fundamental difference between the selling and marketing functions perhaps, be condensed in the following charts:

Selling and Marketing