Read this article to learn about the difference between a leader and a manager.

Difference between Leader and Manager


1. Leader always tries to adopt the newer ways of working.

2. His focus is on developing the resources.

3. He focuses on people.


4. He asks WHAT and WHY i.e., finds the newer ways.

5. A leader inspires the trust of the people.

6. He has long-range perspective.

7. A leader always keeps an eye on horizon i.e., his view is very innovative in nature.


8. A leader does the right things.

9. A leader believes in inspiring.


1. Manager does just the administration by the optimal use of resources such as men, materials, machines money and methods.

2. His focus is on maintaining the existing resources.


3. He focuses on systems and structures.

4. He asks HOW and WHEN i.e., fixes the deadlines.

5. He relies on controlling the people.

6. A manager always keeps an eye on bottom line i.e., his view is very bureaucratic in nature.


7. He has short-range view.

8. A manager does the things right.

9. A manager believes in controlling.