This article will help you to learn about the difference between Organisation Climate and Organisation Culture.

Difference between Organisation Climate and Organisation Culture

Difference – Organisation Climate:

1. Concept:

Organisation climate reflects current atmosphere of the organisation in which the employees work. It provides opportunities to perform jobs according to the skills and a reward system which serves as motivators for employees (financial and non-financial).

Employees take advantage of the motivators to satisfy their needs. For example, financial motivators satisfy their physiological needs and non-financial incentives satisfy psychological needs. Organisation culture, on the other hand, reflects the atmosphere of the organisation which has evolved over a number of years. It takes years for organisations to develop culture and climate is generally reflected for shorter periods.


2. Evolution:

Organisation climate evolves according to needs of the organisation to adapt to the internal and external environment. It gives a feel of current atmosphere of the organisation. Organisation culture evolves over years. An organisation earns goodwill and reputation through its culture. It gives a feel of the organisation itself.

3. Manipulation:

Organisation climate can be manipulated and changed according to needs of the environment (internal and external). It can change according to behaviour of its employees. Organisation culture cannot be easily manipulated and changed. As it takes years to develop organisation culture, changes are introduced only if felt absolutely necessary. Members have to change their behaviour according to organisation culture.


4. Focus:

Organisation climate focuses on current work practices of the organisation. These practices are defined within the values and norms of the organisation. However, the values and norms are defined by organisation culture.

5. Perspective:

Organisation culture is a broader framework that determines its climate. Organisation climate is short-term perspective that defines its day-to-day functioning.


Organisation climate defines employees’ feelings about what the organisation is and organisation culture defines what the organisation is as perceived by those who deal with the organisation.

A company known for its quality represents its culture and employer-employee relations in the company represents its climate.

Difference – Organisation Culture:

1. Concept:

It evolves over a number of years.


2. Perspective:

It is a broader framework that determines organisation climate.

3. Evolution:

It evolves over a number of years to earn goodwill and reputation.


4. Manipulation:

It cannot be easily changed and manipulated. Changes are introduced if absolutely necessary.

5. Focus:

It focuses on values and norms of the organisation.