Here is a term paper on ‘Organisational Climate’ for class 11 and 12. Find paragraphs, long and short term papers on ‘Organisational Climate’ especially written for school and college students.

Term Paper # 1. Meaning of Organisational Climate:

The term organisational climate means the total environment in which a people of the organisation work. It refers to the enduring quality of the internal environment of an organisation perceived and experienced by its members. The organisational climate always influences the behaviour of the people.

This is necessary for achieving organisational objectives. Organisational climate is associated with job performance, job satisfaction and morale of the employees. The climate is the overall content and quality of the internal working environment which influences motivation, morale and performance of employees. Climate consists of traditions, methods, culture of the organisation.

Every organisation tends to keep and maintain such people in the organisation who fit in its climate and people who cannot fit in are to leave the organisation sooner or later.

Term Paper # 2. Features of Organisational Climate:


The main features of organisational climate are:

(a) It refers to total internal environment of the organisation in which people perform. This refers to a unique amalgam of physical, social, cultural psychological and- other conditions in an organisation.

(b) It evolves and it relatively stable over a period of time.

(c) It distinguishes organisations.


(d) It is invisible and abstract though it influences the attitudes and behaviour of members of the organisation.

(e) Every organisation has its own climate. This differs from organisation to organisation and even between departments.

(f) The organisation climate provides certain stimulants and opportunities. It also presents certain threats and constraints. It also provides sources of rewards and punishment.

Term Paper # 3. Dimensions of Organisational Climate:

The dimensions or elements in organisational climate are as follows:


(a) The dimensions of organisation climate is influenced by the values, goals, and priorities pursued by the organisation.

(b) The principles, and practices, rules and regulations and the consistency with which these are followed.

(c) Attitude and approach of the organisation towards conflict and dissent and the manner in which they are solved.

(d) The degree of freedom and control employed by the structure for performance and the degree of conformity to the fuels and their compliance required.


(e) Supervisory style of managers towards employee regarding their attitudes and behaviour.

(f) Degree of honesty, integrity, openness and warmth demonstrated by top executives and goodwill developed by them.

(g) General organisation structure in terms of hierarchy, flexibility, clarity, communication and control systems prevailing in the organisations.

(h) Reward structure in terms of monetary and non-monetary rewards.


(i) Physical working conditions in the organisation.

(j) Nature of the job in terms of job content, skill required, relation between effort and productivity perceived importance of the Job, relation with other Job, Job security etc.

(k) Power structure including dispersal of authority the extent to which or the manner in which formal authority is exercised, status disparities, distance between various levels etc.

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