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Term Paper on Organisation Manual

Term Paper Contents:

  1. Term Paper on the Meaning of Organisation Manual
  2. Term Paper on the Distribution of the Organisation Manual
  3. Term Paper on the Merits of Organisation Manual
  4. Term Paper on the Demerits of Organisation Manual

Term Paper # 1. Meaning of Organisation Manual:

This is another helpful tool for an effective company organisation. It provides in comprehensive written form the decisions which have been made with regard to the company organisation structure. Employees of the organisation will find it to be a readily available reference defining the scope of authorities and responsibilities of management positions and the channels to be used in obtaining decisions or approvals of proposals.


It will clearly specify for each subordinate manager what the responsibilities of his job are and how it is related to other positions in the organisation. It reiterates to the individual executive the long-term objectives of the enterprise and it provides easy reference to explain the complex relationships within the organisation.

The contents of the organisation manual covers the entire organisation with its various departments and functions. It contains a brief statement of the organisation creed, objectives of the organisation, definition of terms, definition of organisation principles, organisation problems, job descriptions, the use of names and titles, organisation charts etc.

The organisation states the long-run objectives of the enterprise and a brief statement of the organisation creed. It explains and emphasises its philosophy in connection with the quality of company products, pricing, team work, service, good fellowship, good citi­zenship etc. Job descriptions generally indicate the principle duties and functions of the position, the scope of authority and the channels of line authority.

Preparation of the organisation manual is the responsibility of the chief executive. He is assisted by a single assistant or by a staff activity primarily concerned with organisation planning. Its preparation involves lot of time and money and the manual preparation must confine its scope to the important functions of top management activities.


It is to be updated and revised regularly. Otherwise it quickly becomes outdated. So periodic revisions are necessary. The preparation of manual should be made as a permanent, hard cover book or a loose-leaf volume. The manual itself should be maintained by the organisation planning function.

Term Paper # 2. Distribution of the Organisation Manual:

Top managers and specialised staff should have copies of the complete manual. The division top manager should have a copy of the complete company manual but his staff and functional should have only the division charts and position guides.

Each manager is to be provided with the general material which part of the manual, together with copies of organisation charts and position guides which relate to the organisation component of which he is a part or for which he has accountability.

Term Paper # 3. Merits of Organisation Manual:

The organisation manual is a repository for organisation data commonly used by company managers. It has many values as an administrative tool to help the manager to perform his job effectively. It enables him to visualise the organization as a whole and facilitates him in knowing his responsibilities in the organisation. The position guides spell out responsibilities and the result for which the manager is accountable.


Its merits are:

(a) It includes all pertinent material related directly to the organisation in the manual and facilitates managers at all levels can use it as a convenient source of reference.

(b) It assures management that the approved organisation plans are implemented.

(c) It is of assistance to management in selection indoctrination, development and appraisal of managerial personnel.


It reiterates the long-term objectives of the enterprise with the individual executive and it provides an easy reference in explaining complex relations within the organisation.

Term Paper # 4. Demerits of Organisation Manual:

The main demerits are:

(a) The compiling of a manual involves heavy expenditure. Moreover, it is a time consuming process. It requires the efforts of lots of people. So this cannot be taken up by all organisations.

(b) Maintenance of manual results in the prevention of secrecy. This places on record relationships which no more would like to reveal.


(c) The manual creates an organisational rigidity and undue formalities and it does not permit flexibility.

(d) To make it relevant and dynamic it should be revised based on requirements outer-wise it becomes outdated. This again is a costly affair.

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