Read this article to learn about the difference between Trading and Marketing.

Differences between Trading and Marketing

1. Marketing is product oriented and trading is commodity oriented.

2. Trading is a correlation between products and the organization, marketing between people and the markets/products.

3. People are the sole deciding factor of success or failure in trading operations but in marketing the machine and/or the products are the deciding factors of success or failure.


4. Trading has extreme scope of flexibility but marketing is rigid tied to specific products markets.

5. People are an asset of the trading organization whereas in marketing products and processes are the asset.

6. The market for a trader is not confined to regions or borders but for marketing the markets.

7. Trading is commodity oriented, marketing is product oriented.


8. In trading man-to-man relationship is given top most importance. In marketing the product and the organization get similar treatment.

9. In trading the man is groomed up gradually to come up to the expectation of the organization and he gets priority for his preferences for the line of his specialization or choice. On the other hand in marketing the man has to adjust to the network where his preferences are not of much importance as compared to the set of expectations the organization expects of the man.

10. Trading is a joint venture between the organization and its employees, they live or die together. Marketing is a joint venture between the organization and the products they live/die together.

11. Trading is a culture-but the marketing is an approach.


12. In trading the man is conditioned for the market but in marketing the product is conditioned for the market.

13. Trading is risk management in buying and selling but marketing is the management of selling and promotion.