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International Business

Everything you need to know about the international business. International business refers to those business activities that take place beyond the geographical limits of a country. It involves not only the international movements of goods and services, but also of capital, personnel, technology and intellectual property like patents, trademarks, knowhow and copyrights. "International business consists of transactions that are devised [...]

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Essay on International Trade

Essay on International Trade! Trade is a "convenience" factor that helps in the movement of goods and services between the producers and the consumers. The consumer is the end point of various activities that are performed to give shape to products of utilities, but numerous activities converge at the point of production to pass through specific "process". These activities need [...]

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Trade Barriers: Tariff Barriers and Non-Tariff Barriers

This article throws light upon the two main types of trade barriers. The types are: 1. Tariff Barriers 2. Non-Tariff Barriers. Trade Barrier: Type # 1. Tariff Barriers: These barriers are meant for price protection of the domestic industry. It is imposed in any of the following three forms or a combination of them: Ad Valorem Duties: It is a [...]

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