Qualities that an individual must have for becoming a successful leader are: 1. Physical Features 2. Knowledge 3. Integrity 4. Initiative 5. Communication skills 6. Motivation Skills 7. Self Confidence 8. Decisiveness 9. Social Skills 10. Empathy.

1. Physical Features:

Physical personality of an individual consists of features like health, height, appearance, weight etc. These features attract people. Healthy leader generally works hard and also inspires his followers to work with same potential.

2. Knowledge:


In order to instruct and inspire the subordinates, a leader is required to have complete knowledge regarding a particular job.

3. Integrity:

A leader should possess high level of integrity and honesty. He should be a model to others regarding the ethics and values he preaches.

4. Initiative:

A good leader possesses the quality of courage and initiative. He should grab the opportunities as and when they come and should use them for the benefit of the organisation.

5. Communication skills:

A leader should have ability to express and make people understand his ideas. He is required to be a good listener, counsellor and persuader along with being a good speaker too.

6. Motivation Skills:


A leader is required to be a good motivator. He should identify the needs of the people and should motivate them through satisfying their needs.

7. Self Confidence:

A good leader should be self confident so that he can win the trust of his followers. Also, he must be willing to accept responsibility. In order to provide and maintain the confidence of his followers, a leader should always try to retain his self confidence even in most difficult times.

8. Decisiveness:

A leader should be decisive and firm and should not change his opinions frequently.

9. Social Skills:

A good leader should be friendly and sociable and should maintain friendly relations with his followers and colleagues.

10. Empathy:


The ability of a person to look at things from other’s point of view is known as Empathy. A good leader must be able to empathies with the needs & feeling of his subordinates.

Although it is not possible for an individual to possess all the above qualities, yet managers can acquire them through training and conscious efforts and can become good leaders.