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Leadership Definition

Learn about the definitions of leadership as given by different authors. Leadership Definition Leadership Definition Some of the common ideas included in leadership definitions include exerting influence, motivating and inspiring helping others realize their potential, leading by example, selflessness and making a difference. I have given hereunder some well-known definitions of leadership. Peter Drucker defines a leader as "someone who [...]

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Theories of Leadership (With Critical Analysis) | Directing | Management

Many of the research studies, particularly by behavioral scientists, have been carried on to find out the answer to the question: what makes leader effective? Is his success due to his personality, or his behavior, or the types of followers he has, or the situation in which he works, or a combination of all these? These researchers, however, could not [...]

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Managerial Leadership: Meaning and Styles

After reading this article you will learn about the meaning and styles of managerial leadership. Meaning of Managerial Leadership: Effective managing requires leadership. It is seldom possible to segregate the behavioural functions of managership and leadership. It is because every act of influence on a matter of organizational relevance is in some degree an act of leadership. A manager organises, [...]

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