List of top fifty-one most popular advertising agencies in India!

Advertising Agency # 1. Ogilvy and Mather:

This is one of the leading advertising company in India. This organization believes that devotion to the brand defines the profile of their company. This company has offices across the globe. The objective of the company is to build brands. It is a subsidiary of WPP Group pic. The headquarters of the company is in New York.

Advertising Agency # 2. J Walter Thompson India:


One of the most popular company in the advertising industry is J Walter Thompson India. Their objective is to make advertising a part of the life of the consumers. This is also world’s best advertising brand with about 200 offices in 90 countries. This company is the first one to introduce pioneer careers in ad for women, sex-appeal ads and also produced the first ever sponsored-TV program.

Advertising Agency # 3. Mudra Communication Pvt. Ltd.:

This is one of the renowned advertising company of India. This advertising organization was founded in the year 1980 at Mumbai. Recently the Ad Company declared the addition of public relations, rural marketing, events etc. The head office of the company is in Mumbai area.

Advertising Agency # 4. FCB-Ulka Advertising Ltd.:


One of the best company in India in the advertising arena is FCB-Ulka Advertising Ltd. In US, this advertising company ranks third and tenth in the world having about 188 offices in 102 countries. Their aim is to reflect the needs of the brand and not the personality of the brand. It has about 500 professionals.

Advertising Agency # 5. Rediffusion-DY&R:

This Advertising company of India has made a benchmark in the field of creativity. India’s 5th largest advertising company is Rediffusion. This advertising agency offers a wide array of integrated services for external and internal communications. The primary strength of the company lies in the media relations.

Advertising Agency # 6. McCann-Erickson India Ltd.:


The prominent name among the best advertising companies of India is McCann- Erickson India Ltd. They define work in relation to the impact that advertising has on the lives of masses. The testimony of the company in which it firmly believes is the campaign of Coca-Cola – ‘Thanda Matlab Coca Cola’.

Advertising Agency # 7. RK Swamy/BBDO Advertising Ltd.:

It maintained the record of remaining consistently among the top ten advertising agencies in India. Established in 1973, this advertising reached great heights. This is also India’s No.1 research company in the market sector and is fully run by Indians. Brand Equity is an integral part of the company.

Advertising Agency # 8. Grey Worldwide (I) Pvt. Ltd.:


A significant name in India in the world of advertising agencies is Grey Worldwide (I) Pvt. Ltd. The company is primarily based in Mumbai and has offices in Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru and New Delhi. It is a subsidiary of Grey Worldwide. The company specializes in advertising and marketing services.

Advertising Agency # 9. Leo Burnett India Pvt. Ltd.:

It has a significant presence in about 96 offices in 10 countries. This advertising agency was awarded the ‘Worldwide Agency of the Year’ in 2004. They are proficient in explaining how a single image is worth thousand words and can break the barriers of language but not at the cost of the ad’s emotional power.

Advertising Agency # 10. Contract Advertising India Ltd.:


This advertising company of India is one of the leading advertising agencies in India. It is one-to-one customer lifecycle management advertising agency. It was founded in 1992 and is situated in Mumbai. It offers a wide range of services like online marketing and strategy and many others.

Advertising Agency # 11. Banyan Tree, Pune, Maharashtra:

Market research consultants involved in offering market research services, industrial market research services and consumer market research services.

Advertising Agency # 12. Business Development Bureau India, (P) Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra:


Market research agencies offers business market research, global business market research, industrial business market research, international business market research, corporate business market research.

Advertising Agency # 13. Aidth Multilingual Services (P) Ltd., Bengaluru:

Offering services such as market strategic planning, market studies, market competitive studies, studying competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, research on legal and medical documents, innovative market strategies, innovative market research.

Advertising Agency # 14. Saroj AD Creators (P) Ltd.:


Engaged in market research consultants, brand promotion market research consultants, analytical market research consultants, market segmentation consultancy services and corporate research consultants.

Advertising Agency # 15. Market Insight Consultant Ltd., Uttar Pradesh:

Direct business marketing consultants offering marketing strategy planning services, marketing research planning services, business and financial surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, market research services and international market entry strategies.

Advertising Agency # 16. Secure Outsourcing Solutions:

Engaged in providing research functions for market development strategies, consumer buying behaviour, market niches, web research services.

Advertising Agency # 17. RS Market Research Solutions, Bengaluru, India:


Offering market research services, advertising research services, industrial research services, social research services, telephonic research services, rural research services, consumer research services and qualitative research services.

Advertising Agency # 18. Nexgon Market Research Services, New Delhi:

Market Research agencies engaged in offering market research consultancy services such as product market research consultancy services, market analysis consultancy services and market product analysis consultancy services.

Advertising Agency # 19. Tachyan Events and Exhibits:

Market research agencies involved in offering consultancy services such as market research services, market survey services and market survey consultancy services.

Advertising Agency # 20. Experts Corporate Advisory Services, Uttar Pradesh:


Providing market research consultancy services, industrial market research consultancy services, business market research consultancy services and retail market research consultancy services. Also providing business research and channel research.

Advertising Agency # 21. Genesis Management and Market Research, Pune, Maharashtra:

Providing market research services such as market interest, demand potential, product market combination, market entry strategy, customer satisfaction, tracking studies, for industries like automotive, banking, insurance, pharmacy, telecom, FMCG.

Advertising Agency # 22. Digit 5 (P) Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra:

Offering services like market evaluation research services, market satisfaction surveys services, potential customer perception survey and dealer satisfaction survey. Also offers sourcing service, satisfaction surveys and business partner search.

Advertising Agency # 23. Mantrana Maritime Advisory (P) Ltd., Navi Mumbai:


Engaged in providing research services, consultancy services, research consultancy services, market research services, market research consultancy services and shipping market research consultancy services.

Advertising Agency # 24. Aaditya International, New Delhi:

Offering market research services, market development services, market product research services, branding services, product price, research services, product retail research services and product development research services.

Advertising Agency # 25. Unisoft Datatech, Ahmedabad, Gujarat:

Engaged in offering services in overseas such as web market research, product market research, education web research, business web research. Also offering data processing services, data entry services and data conversion services.

Advertising Agency # 26. Business Co-Ordination House, New Delhi:


A conduit for facilitation of co-ordination, collaboration of organizations, entrepreneurs, students of technical textiles industry that provides a platform for continued correspondence between members of technical textile industry and people at large.

Advertising Agency # 27. Neo-Result Consulting, New Delhi:

Offering market research services, market research services through SMS, market ethnographic research services and mail surveys market research services.

Advertising Agency # 28. Verbatim Research Services (P) Ltd., New Delhi:

Market research consultant engaged in providing market services, positioning research services, product research services, segmentation research services and pricing research services etc.

Advertising Agency # 29. Nine Research, Mumbai, Maharashtra:


Engaged in providing services of market research services and market assessment services. Also offers business research services, benchmarking services and data management services.

Advertising Agency # 30. Rainbow Qualitative Market Research Services, Chennai, Tamil Nadu:

Market research consultants engaged in providing research services, market research consultancy services, hypothesis generation services and determinants identification services.

Advertising Agency # 31. Cable Machinery Equipments, Gurgaon, Haryana:

Deals in offering consultancy for wire and cable industry such as product research services, advertising research services, online market research services and global market research services.

Advertising Agency # 32. Sree Maha Management Consultants, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu:

Market research consultant engaged in offering market research services like consumer market research services, industrial market research services and product market research services etc.

Advertising Agency # 33. Usha Consultancy in MCX, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh:

Deals in providing services of market research, MCX guaranteed pack 25,000 for 3 months, business market research, short calls services and MCX guaranteed pack 10,000.

Advertising Agency # 34. Engineers India Research Institute, New Delhi:

Offers market research consultancy services which helps different industries in market study, preparation of project profiles and market surveys/studies. Also offering project reports, lucrative industrial project and project feasibility.

Advertising Agency # 35. Market Research Field Services, New Delhi:

Engaged in providing market research consultant services, market research services, product research services, market motivation research services, advertising research services, internet marketing services and product development consultants.

Advertising Agency # 36. Atharva Communication Private Limited, Pune, Maharashtra:

Engaged in offering market research consultant services, industrial market research consultant services, marketing research consultant services and professional market research consultant services. Also offers real estate research services.

Advertising Agency # 37. DKB & Associates, Kolkata, West Bengal:

Offering market survey services, detailed project report, different studies relating to industries, feasibility/viability report, co-ordination of different training program, special study reports, retenders independent engineers report services.

Advertising Agency # 38. Perevodru, Mumbai, Maharashtra:

Involved in providing research services, market research services, medical research services, legal research services, market research consultants, advertising research services.

Advertising Agency # 39. Resource the Events and Promos, Ahmedabad, Gujarat:

Offering market research for corporate client, trade promotion, rural marketing, promotional activity and various corporate tasks.

Advertising Agency # 40. RMS Media Observer and Management Pvt. Ltd., Faridabad, Haryana:

Engaged in providing market research services, industrial market research services, media market research services and market data research services.

Advertising Agency # 41. Business Analyst Group, Kolkata, West Bengal:

Market research consultant engaged in offering market research services, investment research services, consumer research services, pharmaceutical research services and corporate market research services etc.

Advertising Agency # 42. Brand Experts, Gurgaon, Haryana:

Engaged in providing services such as market research services, website services, corporate website services and corporate stationary services.

Advertising Agency # 43. Metric Consultancy Limited, Pune, Maharashtra:

Offering services such as public policy research service, consultancy service, market research service, public policy research services, corporate governance services, mentoring service and business marketing research.

Advertising Agency # 44. Link Information Technology Private Limited, New Delhi:

Market research agencies offer market research support services such as process outsourcing, data processing services, data conversion services, survey programming, data collection, report writing, bulk mailing service.

Advertising Agency # 45. eProbe Research, Noida, Uttar Pradesh:

We also offer consulting services, customized research study, syndicated reports, feasibility reports, industry passports, company profiles, GMT consulting and execution, financial analytic etc.

Advertising Agency # 46. Sublime Translation Private Limited, New Delhi:

Engaged in providing market research services, market research surveys and business market research services for moderation, market research outsourcing, face to face survey, telephonic survey, qualitative research, technical & analytical services.

Advertising Agency # 47. GRS Market Research Services Pvt. Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra:

Engaged providing market research services, qualitative research services, quantitative research services, retail shop survey services, ethnographic services, shop census services, moderation services and transcription services.

Advertising Agency # 48. Foodies – A Group of Consultants, New Delhi:

Engaged in providing market research consultancy services, targeted market research consultancy services, food processing consultancy services and corporate market research consultancy services.

Advertising Agency # 49. Qualisys, New Delhi:

Engaged in offering market research services, qualitative market research, corporate market research services, business market research services, product market research services and consumer market research services.

Advertising Agency # 50. Market Source Consultancy Services, Pune, Maharashtra:

Research consultants offering customer satisfaction research, consumer research, industrial market research, ad impact research, pre and post launch survey research. Also offer location studies, product test and tie ups between the companies.

Advertising Agency # 51. Translation Services, Noida, Uttar Pradesh:

Offering services on market research consultants, market research agencies services in various type of services such as data processing, data conversion services, film and video translating, language translation services, data conversion services.