After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Introduction to Promotion of a Product 2. Promotion as Communication 3. Growth of Promotion and Advertising.

Introduction to Promotion of a Product:

When a company develops a new product, changes an old one or simply wants to increase sales of an existing product or service, it must transmit its selling messages to potential customers. In the todays’ competitive and volatile environment all markets communicate with their target markets.

Though there in no direct relationship between the promotion and sales but then also we can say that if promotional programs are directed towards the target (Potential) customers, it pays to the marketer.

No doubt, today the promotion has become the most controversial aspect of the marketing mix. Many critics maintain that the marketers who are engaged in promotion are like propagandist because they try to convince people to act in a way that would not otherwise act.


But this charge is not true. In marketing we assume that the customer is judicious and do the things rationally. No one can force a person to do his own way. Promotion is only a means of communication about the product without the motive of persuading for that act which he do not want to do.

Promotion as Communication:

As we know that the key elements of the definition of marketing is the exchange. The exchange process involves communication—the importing of thoughts, opinions or information by speech, writing or signs etc.

Marketing Communication

Promotional communication has the triple purpose to perform. To inform, to persuade and to remind, and the three basic purposes are being fulfilled at the different stages of product life cycle. For example, in the introduction stage promotions, main function is to inform, in growth stage to persuade and in maturity stage reminder and persuasion.


Promotional communication is not always directed towards to the ultimate consumer. It can be for industrial customers, institutions or sometimes towards middleman. Promotion is an important tool for both the commercial as well as non-commercial organisations. As we know that most often it is being used to sell a product or services, it is also being accepted in the marketing of social services, political candidates and ideas.

Growth of Promotion and Advertising:

Advertising and promotion are an integral part of our social and economic system. In our complex society, advertising has evolved into a vital communication system for both consumers and businesses. The ability of advertising and other promotional methods to deliver carefully prepared messages to target audiences has given them a major role in the marketing programs of most organisations.

Companies ranging from large multinational corporations to small retailers increasingly rely on advertising and promotion to help them market products and services. The market based economics, consumers have learned to rely on advertising and other forms of promotion for information they can use in making purchase decisions.

Evidence of the increasing importance of advertising and promotion comes from the expenditure in these areas. Because of liberalization policies adopted by Indian Government in 1991, the advent of multinationals took place and the Indian market became very competitive.


Because of it, promotional expenditure increased in leaps and bounds. By using the promotional tools, the expansion minded marketers are taking advantage of growth opportunities in various regions of India.

The growth in promotional expenditures also reflects that the marketers around the world recognize the value and importance of advertising and promotion. Promotional strategies play an important role in the marketing programs of the companies as they attempt to communicate with and sell their products to their customers.

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