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Benefits of Advertising

Everything you need to know about the benefits of advertising. Advertisement is useful not only for the business enterprises but for the community as a whole. Advertisement generates awareness among the target group and the community as a whole. The producer or manufacturer prepares plans and projections for long and short-term period after analysing the demand of the product, scope [...]

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What is Promotion?

Promotion is a term used frequently in marketing and is one of the elements of marketing mix. It refers to raising customer awareness of a product or brand, generating sales and creating brand loyalty. It involves an entire set of activities that communicate about the product, brand or service to the user. The basic idea behind promotion is to make [...]

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Promotion Mix

The term 'promotional mix' is used to refer to the combination of different kinds of promotional tools used by a firm to advertise and sell its products. The main promotional tools or activities which make up promotion mix are personal selling, advertising, publicity and sales promotion. These are also known as elements of promotion mix. Philip Kotler opines, "A company's [...]

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