Role of HRD Recruitment in Enhancing Productivity!

It is difficult to define the term ‘human relations’ because it means different things to different people.

The various definitions appear to include the following essentials’. Human relations programme represents an attempt to improve employee morale and motivation through improved communication and through employs’ participation in decision-making processes.


Human relations seek to emphasis human aspects of work rather than technical or economic aspects.

The human relations approach emphasizes policies and techniques designed to improve employee morale and job ‘satisfaction. It is believed that this will be accompanied by increased employee efficiency and reduced employee unrest.

According to Keith Davis, “Human relations are motivating people in organisation to develop team-work which effectively fulfils their objectives and achieves organisational objectives. The field of human relations is relevant not only for management or employers, but also for workers. John F. Mee has rightly said, “Human relations are the medium through which both employees and the company mutually cooperate to achieve more production through higher morale, which after all, is the economic purpose of all business and industry”.

Broadly speaking, human relations are the art of successful living. According to Robert M. Saltonstall. “Human relations are the study of people in action… The manager’s job is to co-ordinate the efforts of the people so that they may work together toward a common goal.


A proper understanding of human relationships will help him to do this. Good human relations in industry is the medium for effecting the maximum satisfaction of the economic, social and psychological wants of people working in the industry the managers in upper and middle management should recognize that today’s organisations involve a complex network of relationships among people. They should understand these relationships and use them to build teamwork among workers for getting higher productivity.

Achieving integration of individual goals of employees with those of the organisation is important for the survival and growth of the organisation. This could be done by following human relations approach.

According to W.G. Scott, “Human relations are a process of effective motivation of individuals in a given situation in order to achieve a balance of objectives which will yield greater human satisfaction and help accomplish company goals.” Human relations are the term commonly applied to the process of focusing the methodology and findings of a number of behavioural science disciplines on human problems.

The human relations approach is, therefore, inter-disciplinary. Management uses human relations approach to determine a course of action for unravelling problems of human relations in industry. “Management action through human relations requires the application of behavioural science principles to promote human collaboration and social solidarity within the system of the business organisation.”