In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Meaning of Advertising Campaign 2. Classification of Advertising Campaign 3. Principles 4. Objectives 5. Steps.

Essay on Advertising Campaign

Essay Contents:

  1. Essay on the Meaning of Advertising Campaign
  2. Essay on the Classification of Advertising Campaign
  3. Essay on the Principles Involved in an Advertising Campaign
  4. Essay on the Objectives of Advertising Campaign
  5. Essay on the Steps of Advertising Campaign

Essay # 1. Meaning of Advertising Campaign:

The word ‘campaign’ refers to the pla­nned activities that are undertaken to gain a special object in any field of action. In advertising, it is used in the sense of organised and carefully planned use of paid publicity for the accomplishment of a definite purpose.

Advertising Campaign

Essay # 2. Classification of Campaign Advertisement:

Campaign adver­tisement can be divided into:

(a) Zonal Campaign:

The whole market or the country is divided into zones and intensive campaigns are carried out separately, zone by zone. The nature of the potential customers varies from zone to zone and according to technique, language, approach, etc. the advertisements also have to be varied.

(b) National Campaign:


Instead of dividing the market (or the country) into zones, the entire market (or the country) is considered as one area and campaign is carried out on national basis.

(c) Cream Campaign:


Some product or service has a special appeal to a particular section of the community. The campaign is intensified among them. For example, the demand for luxury goods is confined to the rich class of people. The nature of the advertisement shall be such as can be effective on that class of people.

Essay # 3. Principles Involved in an Advertising Campaign:

The principles involved in an advertising campaign are:

(1) Defining the campaign objective or objectives in clear terms for the efforts to be made therefore;


(2) Emphasizing only to a few selected media;

(3) Ensuring domination over the competitors in some parts of the market and in the minds of existing and potential customers, either by appeal or in some form of media; and

(4) Creating a habit or interest among the viewers or listeners by repetition of the advertising message.

Thus, advertising campaign refers to large-scale advertisement done either to introduce a new product or a new type of demand or to fight out a strong competitor who is spelling a lot on advertisement. All possible media are used.


Essay # 4. Objectives of Advertising Campaign:

The purposes or objectives of advertising campaign are:

1. To inform the public about,

The introduction of new products,


The new uses of the existing products,

The superiority and quality of the products in relation to the offers made by the rival and competing firms, etc.

2. To develop and establish a trade character and enhance product image.

3. To create and establish corporate image in the market and in the business world.


4. To remain always in the minds of consumers and convey to than the kinds and qualities of services that the firm is capable to render.

5. To dominate over the competitor’s campaign and increase the patro­nage of the prospective customers.

Essay # 5. Steps for an Advertising Campaign:

In the planning and execu­tion of an advertising campaign, the advertiser should follow the undernoted three main steps:


1. Determination of product-market or service-market scope to decide about the scope and coverage of the campaign.

2. Determination of product distribution or service rendering chann­els to establish and ensure good public relations.

3. Determination of advertising media for effective mass appeal or communication in an economical way.