After reading this article you will learn about the process of development of management thoughts.

The diagram given under represents the most important contribution to the modern man­agement thoughts. Only few important pioneers have been listed. Vertical columns represent the broad divisions. Some pioneers of management thoughts made the contribution in more than one field (e.g. Taylor). Here we are dealing only some of those ideas that have made important role to the management thoughts.

Present Management Thoughts

Management being very wide and comprehensive subject, developed since civilisation, and the present state has been achieved gradually. Management thoughts have been developed very slowly and managers are working since centuries. But the actual development in the field of management has taken place in last one hundred years only.


With the increasing growth and size of organisations, there is need for more efficient man­agers. Depending upon the efficiency of the management some companies have grown, whereas others have stagnated or even been eliminated.

It is very difficult to write detailed description on the development of management thoughts, since much work has gone unnoticed and unrecorded. Whereas, writers on management have been very few. Here only the most important thoughts are covered.

These pioneers laid the foundation of modern management.


Development of Management Science can be studied in 3 categories:

1. Functional Approach, which includes work of Fayol,

2. Scientific Management approach, which includes the work of Taylor, Gilbreth and Gantt.

3. Human Relations approach, which includes the work of Mayo, Owen and Follet.