There are many reasons why training needs arises. They are:  (i) Gap in the Actual and Required Performance Level (ii) To Cope up with the External Changes Influencing the Organisation (iii) Technical Advances (iv) Organisational Complexity (v) Human Relations (vi) Change in Job Assignment.

(i) Gap in the Actual and Required Performance Level:

Training is required to match the employee specifications with the job requirements and organisational needs when there is a deviation/gap in the performance level, these gaps are to be filled through training by developing and moulding employee’s skill, knowledge, attitude etc to the tune of the job requirement.

(ii) To Cope up with the External Changes Influencing the Organisation:

An organisation’s viability is continuously influenced by environmental pressure. In such a condition organisations must adopt itself to the changing factor in order to maintain the market share. The first step towards this is training of the employees.

(iii) Technical Advances:


The pace of the technological advancement is another reason why training is necessary. The technology is changing so fast that, if a company wants to stay in the competition it must develop the technical knowledge of its employees through continuous training.

(iv) Organisational Complexity:

With the emergence of automation and mechanisation, manufacturing of multiple products and by-products etc most of the companies have become complex. This calls for training in the skills of co-ordination, integration and adaptabilities to the requirements of growth and expansions.

(v) Human Relations:

There is a trend in approach towards personnel management which necessitates training in human relations to efficiently and effectively deal with human problem. Such as inter-personal conflicts, inter-group conflicts etc and to maintain a sound relationship to ensure better productivity.

(vi) Change in Job Assignment:

When an employee is entrusted with a higher responsibility through promotion or when there is some new job due to transfer, training is necessary to equip the employee to perform them efficiently.