Changing Trends in Employee Training and Development in India!

(a) Engineering Industries:

Since liberalisation (1991) there is a drastic change in engineers, workers and executive training towards improved performance.

The joint ventures with MNCs predominantly, has lead to overseas training for our employees at various levels This is more prominent in automobile, electronics consumer goods and FMCG products.


Some of the examples are Suzuki, Sanyo, Ford, Sharp, Komatsu, Hitachi, Fiat, General Motors and Hyundai and these MNCs who have helped thousands of Indians to acquire latest technology and skills. This has helped to upgrade India in the field of technology. Further quality, quantity and marketing of goods have been on the rise.

(b) Educational Institutes:

Since last two decades there is very high-rise in professional colleges in India There is tenfold increase (since 1990) in various private institutes m Engineering, management, Nursing Bio­sciences, Dental and Medical Science.

This has necessitated training development programmes of faculties. This is called FDP (Faculty Development Programme). In places like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad it has become very common to see FDP on various subjects and courses.

This enables the lecturers to know various recent trends, books, teaching methodology, facilities and various other education related requirements. This process will continue since education is a basic need and continuous improvement in every field is a must.