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Process of Delegation

The process of delegation involves the following steps: 1. Determination of Expected Results 2. Assignment of Duties 3. Authorization for Action 4. Creation of Obligations. Process of Delegation (with Steps) Process of Delegation – Top 4 Steps: Determination of Expected Results, Assignment of Duties, Authorization for Action and Creation of Obligations The complete process of delegation of authority involves the [...]

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Workforce Diversity

Everything you need to know about workforce diversity. Workforce diversity means the heterogeneous composition of employees of an organization in terms of age, gender, language, ethnic origin, education, marital status, etc. Managing such diversity is really a challenge to HRM professionals. Workforce diversity has significant implications for the management. The managers will be required to shift their approach from treating [...]

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Collective Bargaining: Meaning, Definitions, Process, Types and Features

Everything you need to know about collective bargaining. Collective bargaining typically refers to the negotiation, administration and interpretation of a written agreement between two parties that covers a specific period of time. This agreement or contract lays-out in specific terms the conditions of employment, puts some limits on employees and restricts management's authority. It is the practice in which union [...]

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