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Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour

Everything you need to know about the factors affecting consumer behavior. Consumer behavior or purchases made by consumers are rarely unaffected. Such behavior is largely influenced by various factors. A marketer has to understand such factors so that he can design appropriate products and marketing strategies and ultimately be able to deliver consumer satisfaction. There are several theories explaining the [...]

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Factors Affecting Marketing Environment

Everything you need to know about the factors affecting marketing environment. Marketing environment is a study of all the external atmosphere of the organization affecting all the internal factors within the organization which ultimately requires attention of the Marketing management for sound decision making in the long run as well as short period. Philip Kotler- "A Marketing Environment consists of [...]

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Factors Affecting Human Resource Management

Everything you need to know about the various factors affecting human resource management. Human resource management is a subsystem of an organization as a system. However, when a subsystem is taken for analysis, it is treated as a system because it has the features of a system. A system works in the context of its environment. Environment of a system [...]

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