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Process of Delegation

The process of delegation involves the following steps: 1. Determination of Expected Results 2. Assignment of Duties 3. Authorization for Action 4. Creation of Obligations. Process of Delegation (with Steps) Process of Delegation – Top 4 Steps: Determination of Expected Results, Assignment of Duties, Authorization for Action and Creation of Obligations The complete process of delegation of authority involves the [...]

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Advantages of Delegation

Some of the advantages of delegation are: 1. Relief to the Manager from Routine Work and Concentration on Policy Issues 2. Basis for Effective Functioning 3. Effective and Timely Decisions 4. Empower and Develop Subordinates 5. Satisfaction to Subordinates 6. Effective Utilisation of Organisational Human Resources 7. Opportunity for Professional Training and Growth 8. Helping the Expansion of Business 9. [...]

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Authority in Management

Authority means a special permission which is obtained by a person from his higher officer and on the basis of that a person gets the rights to do the work in the organisation. It is positional and comes with the territory. It is key to managerial functions. No any person can perform his duties with full responsibility, without authority. Authority [...]

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