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Advantages of Delegation

Some of the advantages of delegation are: 1. Relief to the Manager from Routine Work and Concentration on Policy Issues 2. Basis for Effective Functioning 3. Effective and Timely Decisions 4. Empower and Develop Subordinates 5. Satisfaction to Subordinates 6. Effective Utilisation of Organisational Human Resources 7. Opportunity for Professional Training and Growth 8. Helping the Expansion of Business 9. [...]

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Principles of Delegation

Everything you need to know about the principles of delegation. 'Delegation' is the process by which authority is transferred to a subordinate by his superior. Because of the constraints of time, a manager cannot perform all the tasks by himself. Therefore, he delegates certain tasks to the subordinates and gets them done. It is that part of the process of [...]

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Delegation of Authority: Principle and Problems

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Concept of Delegation of Authority 2. Elements of Delegation of Authority 3. Principles 4. Problems. Concept of Delegation of Authority: An individual is only one man power. Single-handed, he can accomplish only so much in a day. The only way he can achieve more is through delegation — through dividing his [...]

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