This article throws light upon the fourteen important functions of packaging. The functions are:- 1. Contain 2. Carry 3. Dispense 4. Preserve 5. Measure 6. Communicate 7. Display 8. Motivate 9. Glamorise 10. To Help in Distribution 11. Consumer Protection 12. Prevention of Adulteration 13. Health and Hygiene 14. Promote International Trade.

Function # 1. Contain:

To transfer a particular product, for example, grease, from the place of manu­facture to the point of use requires some kind of container. Thus this function is done by the package.

Function # 2. Carry:


To carry the product toward the point of ultimate use, these are put into small boxes or bottles which are then collected into groups by means of chip boards packers or by bundling. These are further over packed into case lots for shipment out of the manufacturing plant.

Function # 3. Dispense:

In the hands of the consumer, the product may not be used entirely at once but only partially used. Hence, it becomes essential to remove a portion of the product without destroying the container, so that remaining product can be kept safely for future use. Thus ‘dispensing’ of the contents is an important function of the package along-with containing and carrying.

Function # 4. Preserve:


In most cases the product being packaged will not be consumed immediately and it must, therefore, be protected and ‘preserved’ for a future period. This function is performed by a package.

Function # 5. Measure:

Now-a-days a package has become a measuring device in addition to its other function. Different packages of vegetable oil contain 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg and so on. Similarly for other items.

Function # 6. Communicate:


Symbols, trademarks, slogans and such other methods are being used to help the producer to ‘communicate’ with the consumer. These may also take the form of instructions, warnings, guarantees, specifications etc.

These are very effective because the message remains with package and is accessible whenever needed. All these help in promoting sales and loyalty for the product.

Function # 7. Display:

The message on the surface to the package will be seen by a large number of people, it is a very effective form of advertising. Now-a-days we are constantly learn­ing better ways to take advantage of the ‘display’ value of the package to attract attention.


Function # 8. Motivate:

The package and its message play an important role in helping the buyer to decide whether a need exists, whether the contents of the package will satisfy that need and which of a variety of sizes or brands will best serve the purpose.

Thus the package has become a force to motivate the consumer to make a purchase and to promote the sale of one brand rather than another.

Function # 9. Glamorise:


Particularly in the cosmetic and toiletries field, foils, fabrics, decorating and embossing techniques and exotic closures are used to create an illusion of some­thing very precious.

Function # 10. To Help in Distribution:

Physical distribution system involves warehousing and inven­tory control, material handling, transport and packaging. The packaging indeed has a direct relevance to other activities of the physical distribution system.

Function # 11. Consumer Protection:


Packaging plays a significant role to fulfill to expectations of consumer regarding quantity, quality and standard, due to regulatory measures, as it mitigate entry of spurious products, quantity and quality variations. Thus it helps in building up customer confidence.

Function # 12. Prevention of Adulteration:

Distribution system involves too many hands, and this increases the chances of adulteration. Packaging for retail consumer goods at the point of production helps the ultimate consumer by giving quality product in quantities for the money he spends.


Function # 13. Health and Hygiene:

Sale of many products in open and in loose condition is hazard­ous for health. Packaged products specially food products will save the consumer from this health hazard.

Function # 14. Promote International Trade:

With the guarantee for quality, preservation, quantity, proper distribution etc. chances for export increases.