The below mentioned article provides a brief note on marketing planning premises. 

Marketing planning premises refer to the assumptions and factors pertaining to future business condi­tions which should be considered for the development of marketing plans, overall strategic planning of the enterprise provides basic premises for marketing planning.

These premises include many factors such as: overall company objectives; relevant long- and short-term economic, political, social and technological trends; the company’s financial, manufacturing and distribution capabilities; governmental control and fiscal policy; industry demand; consumer behaviour; individual firm’s sales; and major company policies.

These premises, thus, are viewed as environment of marke­ting plans in operation.

Model of Marketing Planning Process

Model of Marketing Plans and Budgets

It is to be noted, at the same time, that marketing plans themselves and marketing forecasts of their future effect often became premises far plans on functional areas. For example, a sales forecast becomes one of the important premises to be considered for a production plan or product plan.

The decision of the Tourism Development Corporation of India to start cheaper hotels at the metropolis may also be cited as an instance in point. The opening of cheaper hotels creates conditions that give rise to premises for many other plans necessarily dependent upon the hotels being built.

It is pertinent to note further that planning premises for marketing are not always same far all industries or even units in the same class of industry. Premises which may be of strategic importance to one industrial unit may not be of equal importance to others due to size of industrial unit, nature of business, nature of marketing set-up, nature of production and marketing activities and other relevant factors.


Marketing-related planning premises internal to the firm are generally comprised of sales forecast, overall company objectives, capital investments in other plans, financial-manufacturing-distribution capabilities, and equivalent major programmes already laid down.

Similarly, marketing-related external premises may be the general business environment comprised of:

(a) The socio-economic and politico-technological conditions,

(b) The pro­duct market, and


(c) The factor market (e.g. customer groups, customer functions, etc.).

However, all these premises need to be attended to minutely to make the planning for marketing effective.