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Marketing Planning Process

The marketing planning process involves both the development of objectives and specifications for how they will be accomplished. The marketing planning process has evolved to provide a framework for all four of these activities. For small organisations this is a straightforward process involving well established stages and, if required, the production of a document, 'The Marketing Plan'. Often this can [...]

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Elements of Marketing Planning

Everything you need to know about the elements of marketing planning. Marketing planning involves setting of objectives and making plans for how these objectives can be achieved. Marketing planning involves deciding the policies, strategies, procedures, programmes, schedules and budget. Marketing planning, like any planning, is basically simple in concept. In essence, it is a statement of objectives and the means [...]

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Marketing Planning: Definition, Types, Process, Steps and Importance

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Definition of Marketing Planning 2. Types of Marketing Planning 3. Factors 4. Difficulties 5. System 6. Process 7. Importance. Definition of Marketing Planning: The American Marketing Association has defined the marketing planning as – "Marketing planning is the work of setting up objectives for marketing activity and of determining and scheduling the [...]

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